Saturday, April 12, 2014

DIY Bunny Mug / Uradi sam: Šolja sa zekom

-porcelain marker (I used this one and it comes in many other colors than black)
-piece of baking paper
-pencil (7B is the best)
-toothpick (for bunnies eyes)

 Draw one bunny ear on baking paper, fold in half and draw the other ear. This way ears are same size and symmetrical.

Make sure mug is clean and completely dry. Use sellotape to fix your drawing face down to the mug.
Use pencil to draw over drawing lines. This enables picture to transfer onto the mug.

Remove baking paper and draw over with porcelain painter pen.

Use pencil to sketch bunny eyes and bunny mouf on mug bottom and pay attention to coordinate it with ears you already draw. When you are sure about the position, draw over with porcelain painter pen.

After three days of drying your new mug is ready to use (and is dishwasher safe).
Hope you like it!
p.s.If your mug has any mark on the bottom, use acetone to remove it.


  1. Brilliant,perfect Easter craft! Love it!

  2. Prekul je zeka!!!

  3. Imam starbaks šolju,taman je dobra za ovo,a još i ogromna :)))

  4. Meni je nastampano "made in china" na dnu, kojom bojom to da prefarbam?

  5. Tri dana bi trebalo da se susi ili dodaje boja? Nisam bas razumela :) Izgleda super, prosle godine nisam nasla markere za porcelan, ali sad se opet nadam, jer bas imam neke ideje, a ovaj zeka sada definitvno ide na solju. Hvala za divan diy!

    1. Ups,ja sam lise napisala,trebalo je da stoji drying :)
      Ako ne mozes da nadjes,pusti mi mejl,kupici ti i poslacu pouzecem,nije frka :)

    2. hvala, mima! nisam ni imala vremena da trazim, ali sestra ih je snimila, tako da smo se snasli, ali divna si u svakom slucaju :*

  6. I love it! I can't wait to make one. =)

  7. Briliant... thanks for idea
    i glad for it

  8. wow,, so unique...
    you have a great idea...very creative.. I like it..

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  10. there is great shared mima :) I never think about this idea before :D I will try to make it,, thanks mima,, I'm from indonesia

  11. It is best homemade Idea, you are so creative, I have been bookmarked this site for my pc...thankyou mima...

  12. very creative, and a very good idea. I can try to make it at home. thanks for share and very helpful

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