Saturday, October 19, 2013

this + that : Saturday.

This mornings flea market catch on my new blanket.

 Fresh flowers.

Working on new DIY project.

Enjoing my new hair color in my new favorite shirt with dinosaur skeletons.


  1. Hmmm, zanimljive stvar, nema sta.
    Zainteresovala si me sa ovim novim tutorijalom... jedva cekam da vidim sta ce to biti.
    Super ti je boja kose. Sve pohvale za fotkice.

  2. Ohh, what a pretty hair colour! That's the colour I'm trying to achieve at the moment, but it only ever lasts like... 1 day, haha.

    1. I had to use bleach bath with 6% hydrogen peroxide to achieve this color, but I think you don't need that because your natural hair color is lighter than mine. I experimented a lot (mostly on my hair:), so I'm pretty sure that 6% hydrogen peroxide with any bright orange or copper dye will do the job for you. Oh, and wash your hair with water as cold as possible, color lasts longer:)